Design beyond communication.

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Mike Edward Moras

I operate in the realms of crossmedia design and cross-platform development, pushing design beyond communication. Besides that, I “play” with cryptographic algorithms.

My personal passions include software, infosec, design, music, and a good cup of coffee.


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OTR Messaging

XMPP: e-sushi@dukgo.com
(Fingerprint: 728EDEEB BFDC8281 B8204B3B 5873503E 2F0BA759)

ICQ: 152755710
(Fingerprint: 4E4CA7CC 987EDD33 439AB380 874E61BC D3E36EC8)

Job Offers

Want to hire me? Convince me with an offer I can’t refuse! Before you do, feel invited to check my CV. I am willing to relocate worldwide, and have done so before.

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