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Cross-Platform Software

The following cross-platform software expects a Java 7 (or later) runtime environment.


A simple, cross-platform, Java-based GUI application that converts numbers between base 2 (binary), 8 (octal), 10 (decimal), and 16 (hexadecimal).


Software for Windows

The following software expects a Microsoft Windows 7 (or later) operating system.


MiniBin is the free recycle bin for your Microsoft Windows system tray area, which allows you to choose your own icons and offers detailed configuration options. You can even make it “portable” by deselecting “System Integration” during setup and choosing a custom directory.

minibin.zip & minibin-themes.zip (41 themes)

Looking for “MicroBin” which has less features but also a much smaller filesize?



DiskEject is a little freeware program for your Microsoft Windows system tray area, which enables you to toggle the disk tray of your CD and DVD drives. By the way: DiskEject doesn’t come with an installer as it is is “portable” by nature… simply unzip it to use it.


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